Friday, May 24, 2013

Annika Gymnastics

 Annika had her end of the year Gymnastics Exhibition.  It was fun to go and watch.  I think that all of the people looking at her made her nervous but she still did great!  Here is a link to her floor routine on You Tube.  
She loves her gymnastics class and has gotten so much better since she started!

Ady Gymnastics

Ady had her end of year Gymnastics Exhibition.  It was fun to watch her.  She did great, and loved the metal she got at the end.  Here is a link to a video of her doing her bar routine!

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Ady's Birthday

Ady turned 3 years old!  It is unbelievable how fast the last 3 years have gone past.  Ady is so much fun!  She loves having fun, She has the cutest little laugh, and her little voice makes me smile.  She loves having fun and she loves her sister and she gives the best hugs!  But, she is the most stubborn little girl that I have ever met.
She loves Baby Dolls and normally takes one everywhere we go.  She loves to play with play doh and riding bikes, and getting tickled.  She loves animals, I think she yells out my window and says "Hi Spike" to the neighbors dog every morning!
 On  Sunday my family came down and we had a birthday party for her.  It was also cinco de mayo so we had tacos and a pinata.  It was a crazy party!  All Ady wanted for her Birthday was a green birthday cake and green shoes.  So... I made a green cake for her party.
On Ady's Birthday we invited her friend kate to come to the zoo with us.  We went to Hogal Zoo and the only thing that she wanted to see was the alligator, and ride the train.  When we got there the train was shut down, but the alligators were out sun bathing.  It was a perfect day to go to the zoo.
After the zoo Brian's family came down for a party.  Ady wanted to have Macaroni and Cheese for dinner, but her second choice was Little Caesars pizza.  She loves the crazy bread, so everyone got pizza for dinner.  I made her another green cake, but had to try something a little different.  She loved it. (That's all that matters).  She opened a whole bunch of presents and loved every minute of her birthday! 

I asked Ady a whole bunch of Questions... here are her answers
What is your favorite Color? Green
What is your favorite Toy? Baby Doll
What is your favorite fruit? Pineapple, Mango
What is your favorite TV show? Go, Diego, go. Despicable Me, and Tangled
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Macaroni and cheese, or Ravioli
What is your favorite outfit?  She didn't know the answer to this... but every morning when they are getting ready I give the girls to choices, and Annika lets Ady pick out her outfit, and then Annika picks out Ady's outfit.  It's a funny thing.  But Ady always prefers anything that has green on it.
What is your favorite game?  Hide and go Seek or Go Fish
What is your favorite Snack?  goldfish crackers, and string cheese
What is your favorite Animal? Alligator
What is your favorite Song?  I am a Child of God
What is your favorite book?  Blue Truck Book (my parents gave it to her for her birthday... It's about a little blue truck and a dump truck)
Who is your best friend? Kate Kate
What is your faborite Cereal?  Captain Crunch
What is your favorite thing to do outside? Slide on the slide or Ride Bikes
What is your favorite drink?  Juice
What is your favorite holiday?  (She didn't have an answer to this)
What do you take to bed with you? Her blanket and bunny pillow pet and a sippy cup of water.
What is your favorite breakfast?  Scrambled eggs, or oatmeal
What do you want for dinner on your birthday?  Macaroni and Cheese or Little Caesars Pizza
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Cake!

At the Zoo

These Girls Love each other.  Even though they might fight sometimes.

At the zoo, she loves the merry go round.

She got a new baby stroller and a baby car seat.  She had a baby in each of them and was pushing the stroller while carrying the car seat!  She loves her babies.

The day after her birthday, Brian took the day off and we went swimming.  She loved it! 

 I am so glad that Ady is my baby.  I love her soooo much! 

Saturday, February 16, 2013


It is winter, and it is sooo cold outside.  I am ready for some nice sun!  We went to Costco the other day and they had out their swimming suits.  I had to get one for each of the girls.  We came home and Ady wore her's around the house the entire day.

Ady got a whole bunch of new undies, and she loves them!  Every time she goes to the bathroom she wants to change them and wear a new pair.  One day she will have to learn that you don't get a new pair every time.  But she just wants to wear them all!

In the middle of January we went on a little trip with my family.  For Christmas my parents gave all of us kids ski passes to Beaver Mountain.  So we picked a weekend, and got a condo in Bear Lake and went and stayed and spent a day on the slopes.  It was a good little get away.  While we were skiing Annika decided that she wanted to try skiing.  Honestly at first she was so excited then we got her on the hill and she didn't like it.  I think she was just scared of flying down the hill, but she kept falling down and saying her legs hurt.  I really didn't want her to quit.  I wanted it to be a good experience for her, but didn't know how far to push her.  Well grandma came over just at the right time, and put Annika between her skis and went down the hill with her a couple of times.  After grandma went down with her she had some more confidence.  After that, she was going down the hill like a pro.  Well she was a pro with her grandpa standing at the bottom of the hill ready to help her!  It turned out to be a really good experience and she keeps asking when she can go again.

We decided to change up the house a little bit.  So we have been busy changing for the last week.  We moved the girls into what used to be the office. We started cleaning everything out, and then Ady and I went to the store and started picking out paint colors.  I had bought the girls matching bedding, so we were trying to match that.  We came home and hung them all up on the wall.  We decided on blue.  And I love it!  We added a little something to the bottom of the room, we got the girls some new bunk beds and walla we have a new room for the girls. 
 Here are some before and after photos:
 The Girls love it! 

The pink room (That the girls used to be in, isn't going to be pink for much longer)  is now the office, and it also has the crib in it.

We are going to be leaving the crib up for a while.  It won't be used until August, but there's no use in taking it down.  We are excited to welcome a new baby into our home.  The girls are so excited and keep telling everyone that I have a baby in my belly! They are going to be great Big Sisters! 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Annika's Birthday

Annika turned 5!  CRAZY!  I asked her before her birthday what she wanted to do and if she wanted to have a party.  She said that all she wanted was to go bowling and to Texas Roadhouse, and have a family fun day!  :)  She had preschool in the morning, and she helped me make and decorate some cupcakes to take to her class.  After preschool she really wanted to open her presents.  So she opened her presents and then we headed out to Texas Roadhouse.  After lunch I took her to get a manicure and pedicure.  She chose purple polish with glitter over the top.  So cute!  After her pedicure my family got here and we all went bowling together. 
After Bowling we came home and waited for Jen and Mike to get here.  Then we headed to the lights at Thanksgiving point.  She liked the lights, but I think that her favorite part was seeing the reindeer after.  She loved them.  Then we came home and had some dinner.  She got to open her presents from my family and enjoy some cake!  I think that she had a fun day, and hopefully we did everything that she wanted to.

Last year I asked Annika some questions and this year I asked her the same ones.  I am going to have to go back and see how much her answers have changed. 
What is your favorite color?  Purple
What is your favorite toy? Pillow Pet
What is your favorite fruit? Oranges, Apples, and Bananas
What is your favorite TV Show? Disney Jr. Jake and the Neverland Pirates or Dr. McStuffins
What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? Peanut Butter and Jelly
 What is your favorite Outfit? Purple Sparkly Shirt and Leggins
What is your favorite game? Princess Yatzee
What is your favorite snack? Popsicles
What is your favorite Animal? Dog
What is your favorite Song? I am a Child of God
What is your favorite Book? My new book from Miss Heather
Who is your Best Friend? I have tons of Best Friends I don't know. "Morgan, Shaye, Joy, Elizabeth, Kanani"
What is your favorite Cereal? Chex
What is your favorite thing to do outside? ride bike, play basketball, play hide and seek
What is your favorite drink? Milk
What is your favorite Holiday?  Christmas
What do you take to bed with you? Princess blanket and unicorn pillow pet
What is your favorite breakfast? Toast with Butter
What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Texas Roadhouse
What do you want to be when you grow up?  A Doctor probably

Annika is such a sweet girl.  She really cares about other people's feelings.  She is a wonderful big sister, and loves Ady so much.  I love her so much.  I am so glad she is mine!  I love you Annika! Happy Birthday!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

First Haircut

Well Ady is now 2 1/2.  It is probably about time that she got a haircut.  She just didn't have hair for so long.  It has grown a lot longer, and she was sporting a little bit of a mullet.  So on Saturday November 24th after we went and chopped down our Christmas Tree we took ady into Alli's work, and she got her first haircut. 

It was so cute.  She was excited about it.  She sat up in the chair, when alli started cutting ady thought that it tickled and she started to wiggle. 

honestly Ady did so good.  Alli is so good at her job, and she did a great job!  I think that Ady's hair is so cute and she looks so grown up.