Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well I haven't posted for a while so I thought that I should. The month of June has just flown by for me. It is crazy that it is almost already over. Well Summer has definitely begun, and we are enjoying the sunny days. But not so much loving the heat. I am sure that it is just going to get worse, so I am not going to complain to much. Well Last week me and Annika, along with Robin and Corban, went up to the Logan fire station, they were doing some activities for kids. It was fun. We got to sit in the Fire Truck. On Thursday some of my friends from high school were all going to the pool. It worked out nicely because my family was going on the same day. So me and Annika went and hung out at the pool all day. I got Annika all covered with her sunscreen, however, I did get sunburned. From now on I will put the sun screen on both of us. I just get so excited to get that first summer tan. Well I definitely have lines now. On Friday, me and Brian got away and actually went out on a date just the two of us. We went to the Olive Garden and had a nice time. On Saturday my family was all getting together to put in a sprinkler system for my grandma and grandpa Reeder. The boys all worked so hard, and we got it pretty much done, the worst part was that they couldn't find the water pipe, so at the end of the day we had a really nice sprinkler system, we just didn't have any water going to it. Oh Well. On Sunday we just spent the day relaxing. Well that was out weekend. Lots of fun and lots of sun!
Annika has started moving around quite a bit more. Right now she is just rolling to things that she wants. But she gets on all fours like she is ready to crawl. The other day I set her in her crib, while I was putting away clothes, and I looked over at her, and she had pulled herself up and she was sucking on the rail of her crib. Crazy I don't think that she is old enough to be able to do things like that. It is fun to see her trying to figure out how to move and get to what she wants, but kind of scary at the same time. She is so fun, and her little personality get stronger everyday. What a funny kid.

Monday, June 16, 2008

6 months old & Swimming

I just can't even believe that Annika is 6 months old. We just got back from her 6 month check up and she now weighs 17.6 lbs. and she is 26 inches long. Time has just flown by, she is getting so big, and I feel like just in the last week she has started doing so many new things. It is so fun, but it also worries me that I am going to have my hands full in a couple of months. She just wants to be right where Brian and I am. When she figures out how to move, we are going to have to rearrange our entire house. She is sitting up so good, so it is fun to let her sit on the floor and play with her toys. She has started babbling all the time. It sounds like she is saying da da da..
I keep trying to get her to say ma ma ma but I am sure that will come in time. If you watch the video make sure to check out Annika's super cute Pony tail. It is a lot of fun to play with her hair, but it just sticks straight up in the air. On Saturday morning we went to a ward activity, and there was a brand new little baby there, and I could not believe how big Annika was compared to that baby. It is just crazy how quick they grow up. After the ward activity, we came home and Robin invited Annika to come over and swim with Corban. So much fun! Annika loved it. It was just like she was in a big bath tub only with her swim suit on. It was alot of fun to spend the day outside in the warm weather. We cooked some dutch oven, and had a little picnic with the Brooks'. On Sunday, we went over to Brian's grandparents house. All of Brian's Aunts and Uncles were there, it is always fun to get together with all of his family. It was a great father's day. I take for granted the wonderful dad's that are around me... but I love each of them, and need to thank them for everything that they do for me. My dad, Brian's dad and Brian. On that note, I just have to tell Brian that I think he is a great dad! I love him so much, and I know Annika does too!

Sunday, June 8, 2008


We got back from Jackson Hole on Wednesday night, and we got to sleep in our own bed. Which felt so good. Thursday morning, we woke up, tried to put away clothes, and food from Jackson, and I did a couple loads of laundry. Then we started packing again. This time we went camping with the LeBaron family up Logan canyon. It was fun camping, and again, Annika was wonderful. On Thursday we set up camp and just pretty much hung out around the camp site. On Friday we woke up and it started out to be a nice day. Then it started raining. It rained all afternoon. Annika and I went and took a nap in the tent, I needed to warm up. After it finished raining, we decided to do something fun, so we hiked up to the wind caves. The trail was so muddy (it had been raining all day! you think I would have put that together.) I swear that I took one step forward and slid about that far backward. It was really muddy. But what a beautiful hike. The canyon is so green right now. It was a good hike ( I decided that I am really out of shape! so I will now be walking everyday.) but it was a really pretty hike. We came back to camp and Brian and I were in charge of cooking dinner. We made dutch oven chicken and potatoes, carrots, bacon, green peppers. Kind of just a mixture of everything. We got the recipe off the internet and had never tried it, but it turned out really good. I was very impressed, it was the first time that we have ever cooked dutch oven, and it turned out edible! Saturday morning we woke up and ate breakfast, then we went fishing. We came back to the camp and Brian's sister Heidi came up. We played a good fun game of Scum. It was a really fun camping trip and it was cold, but Annika was a great kid. I sat out a blanket, and sat her toys out with her, she would sit there and just play with them. It was a lot of fun! Now we just need a day or two to recuperate from our vacation. But Brian starts his summer school class tomorrow, so I guess we will be back to regular life really fast.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Jackson Hole

Well we went on our first family vacation. It was so much fun! Don't worry while we were there I just kept taking pictures thinking, oh that will be so much fun to blog about. It is funny that I now take pictures for that purpose! Anyway, we left last Friday, and drove to Jackson. I was worried about Annika and the drive, we have never been in the car for that long but she did wonderful. We got to Jackson and then just hung out in the condo. On Saturday we went and shopped in all of the shops around Jackson. There are a lot of fun shops up there. On Sunday we decided to make it another more relaxed day (It was Sunday) and we went to the park. We put Annika in the swing and she loved it. I took her down the slide, and it was this slide that had bumps on it, and well I got a little scared after we went over on of the bumps. I thought we were going to fall off the slide. Needless to say, we only went down the slide once. My family made it up there on Sunday afternoon, we had a big dinner, with everyone, and sat and talked, and played some games. On Monday we made another big adventure, and we drove into Yellowstone. It was so much fun, I forget how cool Yellowstone really is. It is so cool to be driving along and see all of this steam coming out of the ground. We went on a hike around old faithful, and saw quite a few geysers. There were a lot of hot pots and geysers, and we even saw bear tracks, around some of the hot pots! We drove around and hiked back in and saw some huge waterfalls, believe it or not we stood on the edge of this waterfall, and then we drove down and hiked in, and saw the waterfall from this view. Driving around we also saw a whole bunch of wildlife.
We were driving around the park and there was a group of Buffalo right along the road. There were moms with there babies and they were so cute. We left Jackson Hole at 10:00 in the morning and we got back to Jackson at 11:00 at night, it was such a big day. But Annika was so good. She is such a good baby and just lets us carry her around, wherever we want to go. And the majority of the time, she has a huge smile on her face. On Tuesday we stayed in Jackson Hole and we went miniature golfing. Just in case anyone was wondering I beat Brian by 5 strokes! :) I don't think that I beat him very often at golf, but I won! Then on Tuesday night we went to dinner and a show, called the bar J Wranglers. It is a bunch of cowboys that have a band and they tell jokes and play old country music. They were so funny. I would definitely recommend the show to anyone. Definitely worth the time and money. We have never taken Annika to a movie or a show, and again she did so great! On Wednesday, we were coming home, but first we had to make a stop at Jenny Lake. It is a pretty lake that was formed by a glacier. It is crystal clear, and you can see to the bottom. We hiked about 5 miles back into what they call hidden falls, they we really cool. We put Annika in her hiking backpack, which I was so grateful that we had. She just sat on our backs and talked and took naps. It was a lot of fun. Then sadly, our vacation came to an end. But it was such a fun trip.